Features of WAGS2

Intelligent, Dynamic Graphics

Build custom graphics templates using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Update text fields, images, and other variables dynamically in WAGS2 as you create graphics from your templates.


Make your templates as simple or complex as you wish. Built in Python scripting allows you to customize how you add content to your template within WAGS2.


WAGS2 templates can not only accept commands from the software, they can talk back. Templates can provide WAGS2 with important information about their status which gives you even more control over them. Templates can even issue commands to WAGS2 to control other rundown items.

Media Playout

Import video, audio, and still image files for playout from the rundown. Build autoplay lists and apply custom DVE settings to individual clips. WAGS2 can handle most common media file types and codecs at resolutions up to 4K (resolution is dependent on hardware capability).

Rundown Blocks

Add YouTube video sources, live video inputs, HTML sources, and more directly to the rundown, and use them as if they exist locally.

Rundown Organization

Easily organize the rundown with drag-and-drop, color coding, and dividers. Run multiple autoplay lists simultaneously, with the ability to update and reorganize a list as it’s playing. Quickly tell what’s playing and the status of every item in the rundown with color coded buttons and indicators.


You can playout onto two channels simultaneously: an overlay channel for downstream key, and a background channel for full screen graphics, chroma key backgrounds, or video playback. WAGS2 also includes two preview channels to check graphics and media before they are sent to air.


WAGS2 is designed to use a four channel Blackmagic Decklink Card. A normal configuration consists of three outputs and one input. Two outputs are used to provide separate key and fill signals to your switcher or vision mixer for downstream keying, while the other provides a full screen output. The fourth channel is used for external video input.


If your switcher does not have the ability to do a downstream key, WAGS2 can handle the keying internally.