WAGS2 was developed to solve a problem.

Jordan and Josh Graham originally developed WAGS to replace an aging graphics system at Red Bank High School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Finding a feature-rich solution that didn't break the bank was proving difficult, but after stumbling across CasparCG they decided to dive in and write a custom client.

WAGS1 was designed specifically for the high school's needs, and would not have worked anywhere else. Taking the lessons learned from developing the first version, WAGS2 was born in 2016 with the goal of being flexible and dynamic so that anyone, anywhere could use it. They formed Wicked Awesome Systems LLC in 2018 to continue to develop and distribute WAGS.

We want WAGS2 to be powerful, flexible, and easy to use, and we're working toward that goal as we develop and test it. More information will be coming soon as we continue development. WAGS2 is currently being beta tested.

Wicked Awesome Systems Core Team


Both Jordan and Josh graduated from Red Bank High School in Chattanooga, Tennessee - Josh in 2002 and Jordan in 2009 - before relocating to Orlando for college. While in high school, Josh fell into the world of television and video production and received a bachelor degree in film production in college. Jordan received a bachelor degree in game development, and helped get Josh started in programming. Since graduating high school, both have remained active in supporting the TV production program that helped get them their start, with the development of the WAGS software being only a small part of that support.